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Age: 21
Measurements: C-cup
Hair: Brunette
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 104 lbs
Ethnicity: Russian

Myra is the fresh, exotic beauty you have been searching for. Does the sensual, Eastern Europe accent just drive you wild? Do you love the long, slender figure of super models, who yet still have gravity defying tits? How about the beauties with perfectly toned bodies from head to toe, and seemingly without a blemish anywhere? Of course you do. It is what all guys dream about. The perfect woman. But how often are men actually greeted with a perfect woman, especially one they are able to approach and talk to? Well, Myra is the perfect beauty who finally gives men their chance to spend time with such a creature. This luscious Las Vegas escort is here to please her man and to give him the time of his life.

Myra is the rare breed that shows perfect beauty does not need to be difficult to talk to. In fact, she loves to talk with her seductive accent and hear all about the stores of men visiting her from all around the globe. Now, when spending time with this escort in Las Vegas, some guys do struggle at first. She is just so beautiful and so sexy they don't know what to do with this Vegas escort. They literally are speechless. But that is alright. While her men find their tongues, she knows where hers is, and she knows how to use it. That way, her men can just lean back and let their eyes roll back along with it as she expresses her true joy of being one of the best escorts in Vegas.

For men who want to spend time with the beautiful escorts in Las Vegas but want someone who is exotic, breathtaking and makes them feel warm inside and out, Myra is the best of the Vegas girls when it comes to this. But, it is important to book her quickly, because she does have all sorts of men looking in her direction to book her girls in Vegas services.

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